Mappy New Year!

Mappy New Year…and this is a post about maps…I’m hilarious…

Anyway, I’m not one for New Years’ resolutions, but this year I’ve decided to make one; to write more! Whether it be this blog, or banging my head in frustration, trying to put my ideas to the page, or writing a silly story for my daughter for when she’s a bit older (she’s due to arrive into the world February).

I’ve been floundering with my world building over the Christmas period, but hopefully this will change now that I have procured the ultimate world-building tool: a map maker! Specifically, I bought Wonderdraft. This awesome bit of software is a world-builders dream. I love making maps, but I could never get them to look good with my (lack of) artistic ability.

I’ve always felt that maps are very important to the fantasy story, as the give the world a bit more a ‘it’s real’ feeling. Tolkien’s maps of Middle Earth, Martin’s maps of Westeros and Essos, and Jordan’s maps of The Westlands (Randland) in the Wheel of Time all really add to the reading experience.

Anyway, I’ll finish this by showing you a quick map I threw together to test the software. A cartoon-y fantasy map of my ancestral home…Happy New Year!

Author: Phil Berry

I'm a Health & Safety professional who wants to put fictional people in unsafe situations.

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