The Path of Casting

The Wheel of Time Amazon series has got one of its stars! Rosamund Pike has been cast as Moiraine Damodred, and I couldn’t be happier! Rosamund is a versitile and extremely talented actor, and I’m sure will be fantastic as the Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. So, who else could be cast? What follows is my dream casting for some of the other characters, though none of them are very likely!

Jeremy Irons – Ishamael, Aginor or Be’lal

I always pictured Ishy looking like a younger Mr Irons. As he’s getting on a bit now, it’s unlikely he’d be considered, but maybe he could be one of the older looking Forsaken?

Gabriel Byrne – Ishamael

I also pictured Ishy looking like Gabriel Byrne on occasion. He has experience playing Dark Lords, such as Satan, in End of Days.

Monica BelluCci or Catherine Zeta Jones – Lanfear

Both of these women have the look of Lanfear, and I’m sure would relish playing a dastardly villain like the Daughter of the Night.

Hugh Laurie – Thom

I always pictured Thom as Sam Elliot, but I keep seeing more and more people suggesting Hugh Laurie. Sam may have the look, but maybe not the range that Mr Laurie certainly has. He has come a long way since his Blackadder buffoonery days.

David Dastmalchian – Padan Fain

He has the look and ability to play creepy people. I really hope David is cast as the Dark Ones Hound.

Pierce Brosnan – Rahvin

He certainly knows how to play a chauvinist. Why not play the ultimate chauvinist?

Keanu Reeves – Lan

Just because.

The Emmonds Fielders

Unknown / little known actors, please.

Daniel Day Lewis – Bela

Seriously. Method actor. He’d be great. No neigh-sayers, please.

Daniel Day Lewis – Lews Therin

In all seriousness, Daniel Day Lewis would be amazing as the Dragon.

And there it is. Who are your casting thoughts? Realistic, or not.

Author: Phil Berry

I'm a Health & Safety professional who wants to put fictional people in unsafe situations.

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