Saf-Tee First!

I have been a way for a while. In that time I wrote this short story, with a view to sending it into an anthology. While the publishers told me they liked it (yay), they didn’t select it (not so much yay). But still, I wrote a story about aliens, which is something I wouldn’t have done otherwise (I don’t overly like sci-fi literature) AND I got some very useful constructive feedback from some other local writers, which is always a good thing. It was the first time time I actually submitted my work to anything like that, and it won’t be the last! Onward and upwards!

This story is about mankind’s first (well, technically nineteenth) contact with a group of extremely advanced extra-terrestrials…it’s called Saf-Tee First. Enjoy!

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The Fantastapotamus

Writing prompts are great for when you want to write, but are suffering from the infamous writers block. Here’s one based on the prompt ‘travelling with two famous people’.

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A Story in Ten Words

I signed up for the Writers Circle at my local library a few months back, but haven’t managed to actually go to a meeting as of yet. They send out writing prompts via email during the week for people to create something for discussion. This week they suggested telling a story in ten words.

I’ll hopefully get to the writers group this weekend. Not sure how this will go down with local writers… but in the meantime, I present to you my magnum opus.

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A Writing Prompt

I recently downloaded Reddit and subscribed to some very good world-building and writing prompt groups. What follows is a quick attempt at a prompt along the lines of: You are a simple farmer in a world of famine and plague. You pray every night. This time, however, your god answers…

It’s a bit sceptical to say the least…

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