I have been trying to write my own fiction for years. Emphasis on the word trying.

I always liked writing and telling stories, and for around thirteen years I have been toying with several ideas for large-scale projects. They say that everyone has a novel in them. Well, I would very much like to get that novel out of me.

In fact, I have four major ideas that I would just love to follow through to the end; a traditional (ish) fantasy which has been gestating in my mind for thirteen years in one shape or another, an alternate history (with a bit of the fantastic thrown in), a Jack Vance influenced future Earth science-fantasy, and a fantasy comedy. A lot of fantasy fiction, basically.

The problem is that the Angel of Procrastination sits on my shoulder every time I try. I have world built and world destroyed, and built it back up again, but writing the story eludes me. However, I do know that I need to write; hence this blogging venture.

The plan is to review fantasy fiction, discuss tropes, fan theories, themes and my influences (literary, historical and musical), maybe post up some shorter pieces I have worked on in the past, and talk myself through the process of story telling and world building.  All this to coax myself into writing my magnum opus.

Hopefully, I’ll gain some followers along the way who will be happy to discuss these things too.