Writing to Music

When I actually seldom get the time to sit down and do a bit of writing, I tend to put on a playlist to get my creative gears moving. I have four go to playlists when writing, depending on my mood. Here are three of them. All made to be shuffled. Enjoy!

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What if?

In my endless procrastination I have decided to attempt something I never have before…to write an alternate history story. Does it count as alternate history if there are fantasy elements in it?

Not going to say too much about the who, what, why or when, as I will be submitting this one, but here is the gist;

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Saf-Tee First!

I have been a way for a while. In that time I wrote this short story, with a view to sending it into an anthology. While the publishers told me they liked it (yay), they didn’t select it (not so much yay). But still, I wrote a story about aliens, which is something I wouldn’t have done otherwise (I don’t overly like sci-fi literature) AND I got some very useful constructive feedback from some other local writers, which is always a good thing. It was the first time time I actually submitted my work to anything like that, and it won’t be the last! Onward and upwards!

This story is about mankind’s first (well, technically nineteenth) contact with a group of extremely advanced extra-terrestrials…it’s called Saf-Tee First. Enjoy!

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A Change In Direction

Over the last three weeks I have been trying to get some serious writing done for my main project – the epic / traditional fantasy idea. When I say trying, I mean staring at the screen wondering why nothing was happening. It is for that reason I started looking at my old Flipping Out blog, which was a lighter affair, resulting in the recent (attempts at) humour. After revisiting these old posts, and looking at news articles relating to the sorry state of Northern Ireland’s political affairs, I had a eureka moment and an entirely new idea for a story was born.

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The Health and Safety Inspector, Part 1

This is just something I had been working on, for the hell of it. It was just something to keep me writing. The first part of a short story involving a rather odd government official….

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The Sun Has Lost His Hat; Billions Doomed!

Another one from the vaults, again slightly updated to match the times we now live in….this one deals with a sudden catastrophic solar event, involving the loss of a hat…

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Catholic Church In Ireland Finally Admits Role In Dinosaur Mass Extinction

Further to my previous post, here is another article from my old Flipping Out blog. At the time I was trying to go for a News Thump or The Onion style news article style blog. I will be uploading them to this site over the next few days, and most follow a similar ‘fake news’ format.

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Cthulhu Wants a Kitten

The Philmarillion is my second attempt at a regular blog. Before this I had tried my hand at blogging using the Blogspot platform with a site called Flipping Out.  It’s redundant now, but there are some articles I would like to share. The first one is a tale of non-euclidean cosmic terror….

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